Housing Stabilization Program

The Housing Stabilization Program (HSP) provides rental assistance and case management to eligible families staying at the Good Neighbor Center.  Availability is limited and contingent on vacancies at participating apartment complexes.

Families that enter HSP receive subsidized housing that gradually increases the amount paid by the family until it reaches full market value.  The Housing Stabilization Program extends for one year, and families are obligated to meet the minimum requirements of the program.

Families participating in HSP are expected to complete a Rent Well course, undergo routine unit inspections and attend Community Meetings.  The HSP Advocate provides case management and the families are required to have weekly phone contact and monthly home visits.  The HSP Advocate is available to provide consultation, referral to resources, mediation with property management and facilitate progress towards goals identified by the family.

Goals often include increasing income and savings, improving credit, establishing routines and stabilizing the environment for their children.  Most families are able to connect to community resources to assist with furniture, mental health services, utility assistance, and family enrichment.

The Good Neighbor Center is also to provide services directly to the HSP families by offering food boxes, hygiene supplies, haircuts, clothing and annual holiday support and school supplies.