Support the Center

Sometimes all it takes to help a family is just a little bit of your time.

We really enjoy the enthusiasm and generosity of our volunteers, and we strive to make the good Neighbor Center a warm, caring environment, not only for our families, but also for our team.

Below you will find some of our volunteer opportunities.  if you don’t find something that works for you, but you would still like to lend a hand, please give us a call or contact our volunteer coordinator by clicking here to send an email.

Thank you!

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for all the hard work we receive from our volunteers!  With all the help and support of the community we are able to continue to meet the needs of our homeless families.

Overnight Hosts

Yard Work

Meal Hosts

Other Opportunities

Volunteer overnight hosts come to the shelter at 9:30pm with a pillow and a blanket prepared to sleep overnight until 6:00 am when staff arrive.  Overnight hosts are on duty for emergency purposes only.  All doors are to be locked by 10pm.  Residents are to be inside by 9:30pm unless prior arrangements have been made and approved through staff.  No residents are allowed out of their rooms for any reason other than restroom needs or heating a bottle for a baby.  All residents are aware of this rule and know it is to be followed.  Exceptions are made for work schedules and medical emergencies only.

Groups of 4-12 people are needed to help with yard work here at the shelter.  This entails weeding, pruning, raking and edging the shelter grounds.  Planting flowers during the Spring is also an option to add color.  This project is typically  done between 9am-12pm.  Snacks and water/coffee are provided to the volunteers.

Volunteer Meal Hosts cook dinner for the families at the shelter.  We ask that you have the meal prepared, set up, and ready to serve at 6pm.  Dinner and visiting ends at 7pm so that residents have time to complete chores and attend to the needs of their children.  Residents have chores to complete and children who need attending before bedtime. Some meal hosts bring prepared meals or bring ingredients and cook dinner in our kitchen,  If you would like to obtain food from our pantry for your meal, please contact staff a couple days before your commitment.  Please bring 2 gallons of milk or juice, or 1 of each.  Please plan on preparing enough food to feed 30 or 35 people (unless specified otherwise).  We call all contacts the prior week to confirm and provide updates (i.e. allergies and number of residents).

During the holiday’s we rely on volunteers to help our with many activities on and off site.  The shelter has annual Christmas and Halloween parties and we are always looking for extra help decorating, coordinating games and making food.  Volunteers are needed all year round to help clean rooms, sort through donations and assist staff in many ways.